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Banky-W: You are a friend and a brother to Basket Mouth

Banky-W appreciates Basketmouth for designing a campaign billboard for him

As the election draws nearer, singer turned politician, Banky-W has not been having a smooth run with his campaign which somewhat poses some level of threat to his political aspirations. But Basketmouth has been a great motivation.

Some of the political ordeals that Banky-W has faced since he declared his ambition to run for the house of representatives include huge castigations from non-fans, defaced campaign posters, and his campaign flex being used as a mat by a homeless man. In the midst of all those negative energies, Basketmouth showed up with a positive force.

The Nigerian comedian took the stress of having a campaign billboard designed, printed, mounted, and publicized for the singer. On surprisingly setting eyes on it, Banky fell flat with express gratitude, as he thanked him saying:
You are a friend and a brother. God bless you for this. I love and appreciate you bro. Thank you. And thank you to every single person who has donated to help the movement. We are running on faith and fumes, and your support, donations, encouragement, and prayers are keeping us going. God bless you and bless us all. #MDP. Stronger together.”

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