Wednesday, February 6

Anna Ebiere Flavour baby mama pregnant again for him

Nigeria popular singer, Flavour ’s second baby mama, Anna Ebiere claimed to have been put in the family way again by the singer, as a new photo she shared online goes a long way to show that the beauty queen turned baby mama could be heavy.

Just last year, A report was made that flavour  walked down the aisle with his first baby-mama without the knowledge of his second baby-mama.

The news spreas had it that his first baby-mama was threatening to leave him if he didn’t channel all his attention toward her.
Being that she bore the singer his first son and only heir, Flavour couldn’t help tilting toward her.

From that time till now, Anna said nothing about the reports of Flavour’s secret wedding to her rival baby-mama.
It is now clear why she did not as much as say a word about the secret wedding, as she all the while knew she wields great power over the singer. Right about now, Anna is heavy as noticed in a picture she shared on her Instagram page recently.

But comments from fans have not been cool, as many of them can’t figure out why such a beautiful young ex-beauty queen would subject herself to being a baby-mama to a celebrity who has another baby -mama as her rival.

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