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Peter Okoye aka Mr P, get loves together with street guys [photo]

Peter Okoye alongside his crew celebrate “get together” with the needy on the streets

peter get loves together with street guys
Nigeria popular celebrate who divide from his twins brothwr in the music industry normaly known by tiwins name as Peter Okoye, also known as Mr. P, has invaded some streets of Lagos alongside his crew to throw a little “get together” party which only has the poor and needy in attendance.

the singer do that as a celebration for his end of the year party and cross over to next year,
Just when those needy beggars on the streets of Lagos least expected, the music icon invaded their space with lots of goodies for them.

 on behave of the company of his crew, Mr. P attended to the needy on a couple of streets and brightened their countenances.

He took to the airspace to share photos of him giving out good stuff, money and other items to them.

The beneficiaries were overwhelmed and felt so loved, probably wishing that gestures like this would come as a norm, especially from the government.

 As seen on the photos Peter Okoye shared, they were deeply grateful to the singer.
 To share moments spent with them with his fans, Peter Okoye took to his page to publicize his time out with them.
While some applauded him for his benevolence, many others called him out for showing off his good deed. As asserted by some fans, it is just his way of getting in the news. But be that as it may, those needy people remain ever grateful.

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