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kenny stainz celebrating his birthday while lauching "AMen" And "Mighty God"

2018 keep moving young artist participating in music industry, while some keep trying if the will succeed or not.

one of our young artist in Benue state just release a track earlier this year with great favor from God .

the song come with nice tone and beat.

Kenny did not just come with a track but come with action of music to world to ensure everyone heard him.
you can download latest and old song of Kenny from here without wasting time searching on net.

And you know what today is kennystainz birthday you can like him on facebook to see more of his birthday post.
he said "So many things running 2ru my mind bt 1st
#jesus u r so wonderful, so beautiful, u never let ur light dat shines upon me die, u watches over me even wen u knw I sin against u, bt de luv u av upon is still more Dan gold nor silver, I really wnt 2 appreciate de name of de Lord 4 saving me n 4 keeping me 2 see De beautiful day of my life, Jesus of Nazareth, DE son of God, DE son of truth n de beginning of Life, I thank u so much n I render diz day 2 u, plz watch over me, u never sleep nor slumber n u always send ur Angeles 2 watches over me even wen I lay down sleeping n knw nfin z happening, u r always der, so many things dat I really av 2 say bt am short of words, I wish my self longer life n prosperity in jesus name Amen, Hbd 2 my self

 downlaod kennystainz AMen And Mighty God
Download both of the song release at this time from one producer during his visit to Abuja.
Kenny decided to drop the two track there and is produce by peter praise aka known as P-praise the producer
 downlaod kennystainz AMen And Mighty God

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