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Ghanaian Rapper Sarkodie advice youth what to do this 2019

Here our humble Ghanaian singer advice the youth not to loose focus on what ever the intend to do because everything in this life has a reward.

In most cases some people blame the group or family background of the struggle and back drawn of going back from success.

Most often we lose hope in life after several years of engaging in unsuccessful ventures but rapper Sarkodie is giving youth the best advice for 2019 as youth intend to blame God, family, friends for their woes.

But should that really be the case?

No, we need to be consistent with our ways and our lives in order to ensure that our sweat is never wasted.

Ghanaian Rapper, Sarkodie in a post on Social Media has advised the teeming Ghanaian youth to be patient and push beyond limit because there is reward at the end of the tunnel.

His post read “life rewards those who are willing to keep pushing themselves regardless of what limits are presented to them.Remember that anything worthwhile takes time and requires some serious energy, dedication, and sacrifice.As long as you’re alive, you have more power than you could ever imagine.

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