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Adekunle Gold celebrate his Dad new promotion appointment with tears

Adekunle Gold celebrates dad’s appointment as Lagos State permanent secretary

The year 2018 did not just slip through with good tidings garnishing Adekunle Gold’s life alone, as the singer’s dad achieved a feat that got the singer so emotional that he celebrated his dad in a way that got fans emotional too.

Adekunle Gold couldn’t hold back his tears, as he watched the Lagos State Governor, Governor Ambode swearing in his father as a Tutor General/Permanent Secretary of Education. According to the singer, his dad had been a struggling teacher who only managed to see the family through with the help of his mother, as those days were hard for them.

But all the while, his dad kept pursuing his dream of becoming the permanent secretary by studying hard and being sincerely useful to the government of the day. Even when it seemed like his dream wasn’t forthcoming, the man would not cut corners to make it happen as many of his colleagues did and also advised him to. He chose to stay clean.

Now at his 56 years of age, his dream has finally come true, as his head has been graced with the crown he had always sought. An excited and emotional Adekunle Gold took to IG to tell the story of his dad. It was so emotional!

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