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A Baby dump near St. Michael clinic in Benue State

Residents of Wannune-Buruku road in Makurdi, the
Benue State capital were stunned Saturday morning
after they woke to discover a newly born baby
wrapped and dumped inside a carton along the road.

According to a resident, “the unknown person dropped
a one-day-old baby in a carton, this night, at St
Michael Clinic, along Wannune -Buruku Road,
Speaking to DAILY POST, a resident of the area said
this was the second time such incident was
happening in the area.
He recalled that the last time, they discovered twins
wrapped in sack bag and dumped in the area.
“This is the trend among girls in our area these days.
Once they give birth, they would wrap and dump the
baby in a carton or nylon.
“Most of these babies were delivered by mothers who
are HIV positive,” the source said.

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