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Yemi Alade apologize for her offencive trash to tiwa savage last week on twitter

Yemi Alade apologize to Tiwa Savage for trashing her on Instagram last week.

she leaves a sarcastic apology for Tiwa Savage over calling her bum-bum “fake”

Tiwa savage and Yemi Alade
Tiwa savage and Yemi alade
Yemi Alade appoligize to tiwa savage for calling her bum bum fake  last week and Tiwa Savage apologized for her words.

 However, her apology is nothing short of sarcasm, as she further ridiculed the Mavins queen in the guise of an apology.

Recall that Yemi Alade had triggered a face-off after her tweet which accused her female colleagues in the industry of enhancing their butt outlook in photos? For some reason, Tiwa Savage believed she was referring to her in the tweet. Consequently, Tiwa got confrontational in a series of Instagram post to whom it may concern. Yemi saw herself in Tiwa’s posts.

The bum-bum war went far within a short frame of time. Yemi Alade then thought it wise to end the war. In order to end the online brawl, Yemi Alade took to her Twitter handle to apologize for her insensitive tweet. She said she was sorry if her last tweet offended anyone, male or female. Her apology, however, is spiced with a little sarcasm.

She wrote: “Guys, I am not here to defend myself. If my last tweet was offensive in any way to my fellow females and guys, I apologize. I am sincerely sorry. I just want us to appreciate ourselves more- whether we’re tin, tall, fat, short, with or without Nyash. WE ARE BEAUTIFUL.”


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