Starboy Wizzy shirt cause trouble in stage in Lagos

Fans fight over Wizkid’s shirt in Lagos


The Nigeria artist known as international star-boy has many obsessed fans ranging from girls to guys to even little kids, both in and out of the country. But the level of obsession his Lagos fans have for him seems to be the “wild wild west” kind of obsession.

The singer successfully pulled off his “Made In Lagos” concert some nights back which recorded a mammoth number of attendees, one of which prostrated before him on stage. Another fan gifted him a painting of him and his third son, Zion. But he, however, rejected the painting because it didn’t carry the image of his other sons, Boluwatife and Ayodeji.

While those two fans can be viewed as being obsessed over the singer, another set of fans have shown that obsession goes beyond prostrating before your favorite celeb or honoring them with a gift.

 Something as light as Wizkid’s shirt was enough to make them show how “wild” their obsession for the singer is. These guys actually fought over Wiz’s shirt.

It all went down at Wizkid’s “Made In Lagos” concert. On pulling off his shirt and throwing it into the crowd, four guys battled each other to possess the shirt. The fight got so dirty that it couldn’t help making headlines. All hail Wizzy!


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