Top five songs supposed listen to this independence

Nigerian celebrating independent with nice tune and good music everywhere, every Street is banging hot and cool jams.
The young youth are preparing for display in every corner of the street.

Now There are few cool jams for songs present from Africanet to you to heard in your ear today.

National anthem by immaculate dache
That song bang country every 1st of October every year in Nigeria.

Power of Naija by 2 face
This is another way to express your way towards Nigeria, is a song of believe and power to lift Niger up.

Nigeria by Oyenka Owenue
The legend woman that show passion on Nigeria, every of her song goes toward Nigeria.

I love Nigeria by kenny wonder
It is another hit song with love showing Nigeria how passion he have on Niger.

Mother land Soult Sultan ft Ada
This one bring you the closest passion on Nigeria and Thier resource with the past fight over our parents.

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