Daddy Freeze react to wizkid Babemama for the battle of him and Wizkid

Freeze, Shola and Wizkid
Many people on social media have lambasted popular singer, Wizkid, after his baby mama, Shola Ogudu, shared some screenshots of their chats and laid several accusations of him not being responsible to the upkeep of their son, Boluwatife Balogun. 
In a response to the trending controversy between the singer and his babymama, Daddy Freeze took to his YouTube channel to share a video of him asking Shola Ogudu why she chose to keep the pregnancy.
He suggested that she should have used postinor in preventing the pregnancy rather than going through all these drama on social media. 
Daddy Freeze said: “When you too open leg for Wizkid without being married, what were you expecting. You expected him to come and pay your bride price because you had a child for him? 

"The young boy does not have a rich father like Davido, if Davido has time he does not because he has nothing to inherit. The only inheritance Wizkid has is his own work. Wizkid has a family o, it is your son that will grow up without a family and they will blame you at the end. 

"If you open your leg for a man that is not ready to have children or when you finish sleeping with him did he tell you keep the child, why did you not use postinor? I should not be preaching this but we all are suffering the consequence.” 
The OAP also told Shola that she should stop comparing Wizkid to Davido, because he has no wealth to inherit, adding that Wizkid is living off his sweat while Davido has something to hang on to if everything crashes.
Watch full video below: 

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