Tuesday, July 3

The northern took to police station in Abuja during platuea state killing

The north part of Nigeria walk in groups to police station in Abuja to report what is happening in platue state and other north state.

The need president Mohammed Buhari to fulfill his promise to the northern part of Nigeria.

The appreciate the effort that President Buhari did by stopping the killings in plateau state but the need security patrol.

According AITONLINE the good governance and transparency initiative took to the police headquarters in Abuja during her citizen action on the recent killings in plateau state, north central Nigeria.

The group said it was very encouraging that President Muhmmadu Buhari has promised that his administration would not rest until the murders and their sponsors are brought to justice.

The protesting civil rights activists said the killing of innocent people is meant to undermine the credentials of the Buhari administration which has security of life and property as a cardinal point on its agenda.

They however appreciated the efforts being made to ensure that there is a stop to the killings in plateau state but wants the president to give marching orders for security agencies to search upwards in the hierarchy of the killings

The Commissioner of Police in charge of federal operations, Essa Ogbu, who received the group at the force headquarters, commended the activists over their orderliness and promised to take their message to the Inspector General of Police Ibrahim Idris, for necessary action.

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