The BBOG women team protest to Villa for 1000 days of missing girls

The BBOG women walk to Aso villa to protest for the girls held by Boko harassment since 1000 days now.

According to report on AITONLINE The research particularly makes reference to the consistency of the group and the discipline maintained by the members.

The result of the research was made public in Abuja.

Right now from different organisations, deliberated on a study carried out by partnership for African social and governance research on the 4-year old “bring back our girls” movement that had on a number of occasions faced several challenges but also recorded some major successes

It is now on record that the movement has since its inception held over 100 protests and is said to be the leading social media campaign group in Nigeria.

The activities have also developed different documents proffering solutions to Nigeria’s security and humanitarian challenges. The review raised awareness about the study, how it contributes to national development and what other lessons can be learnt.

The research team and the BBOG members want the government to revisit the several issues documented by the movement.

In a fragile and conflict dominated society like Nigeria, the study on activities of the BBOG is geared towards civil society and non-governmental organisations to remain consistent and build a sustainable structure, but most of all to continue to empower citizens and hold government accountable in both social and political settings.

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