How Imam safe Christian from being kill from heldsmen

A Good-hearted and brave Muslim cleric has reported to the BBC how he saved about 262 Christians from being killed in the last attack in a villages in Plateau State by suspected Fulani herdsmen.

The Imam, who was not named during the interview for security reason, spoke to BBC’s Dooshima Abu yesterday when he recalled in graphic details how he saved the peoples fleeing from herdsmen, who had invaded Nghar Yelwa village in the Barkin Ladi Local Government Area of Plateau State.

He said “upon seeing victims fleeing from suspected herdsmen who attacked Nghar Yelwa village, I opened the door of the mosque and hid them.”

He said that the 262 peoples were running for a hidden place from a neighbouring village in the Barkin Ladi local government area, which was being attacked by gunmen heldsmen.

After the attack that happened last weekend, villagers insisted that over 200 persons where slaughtered although police report claimed only 86 persons died.

The Islamic cleric told Dooshima Abu, “I hid the women in my personal house and after that, I took the men into the Mosque and hid them there.

During report, He said when the attackers caught up with him, and forcefully demanded that he release to them those who were Christians in the mosque, he lie that none of the Christian were inside them. “I lied to the gang that everyone in the mosque were Muslims.”

According to him, when the hear this, the attackers left and went on with their killing spree elsewhere.

According to the report, the Mosque is now the home and refuge for those hidden by the Imam.

Other Berom natives, including some Muslims residing in Barkin Ladi who escaped the attack, ran to Nghar Yelwa for safety, which is the nearest village.

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