Monday, May 28

The family of Alaafin in Oyo show of their Twins As They Clock 3 Months

A family of Alaafin welcome their three old babe.

The babies happen to fall under royal family which the will become prince.

The babe are welcome in Oyo state, by the Oba.

Below are pictures showing the adorable sets of twins welcomed by the Alaafin of Oyo, Oba Lamidi Adeyemi, three months ago.

He welcomed the babies with his queens, Olori Memunat Adeyemi and Olori Olaitan Ajoke.

Olori Memunat is the mother of the twin girls while Olori Olaitan is the mother of the twin boys.

The royal babies are named Princess Iradat Adetoun, Princess Hamidat Adedayo, Prince Mubarak Adedamola and Prince Hammed Adeleye.
Below are some of the most beautiful photos below:

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