Monday, April 16

20 years old commercial motorcycle killed his girlfriend

A young 20 year old commercial motorcyclist identified as Stephen Gyang has been arrested by the Plateau State Police Command for allegedly killing his girlfriend, Alice Samuel, and burying her remains in a shallow grave.

Punchng reports that the young guy killed the girl because she want to force her pregnancy on the guy. The guy was drop out of school when he was in JSS2 and he killed his girlfriend because she had told the guy that he his not responsible for the pregnancy.

She initially told me i was not responsible for the pregnancy – Stephen.

He said she recanted on the prompting of her mother, who wanted him to take responsibility for the pregnancy. The incident happened in Tahoss village, Plateau State.

According to the suspect: _ΕΊ“I decided to bury her that night in a shallow grave that was to be used either for a pit toilet or well. After the incident, the spirit of Alice Samuel did not leave me.

She started disturbing me and I had to report to my brother who took the matter to my father. My father thereafter reported my predicament to the village chief.__”

His friend and accomplice, 20-year-old Kelly James, who was an eyewitness, revealed that he begged Gyang not to kill the victim, but he refused. He claimed that the prime suspect threatened to kill him if he (James) did not assist him.

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