Tuesday, March 27

Popular Marsonia striker Bruno Boban pass away on the pitch.

Marsonia striker one of the famous footballer collapses, dies on pitch after being hit with ball several times.

The popular Bruno Boban tragically passed away during his side’s match against Slavonija Pozega in the Croatian third tier football league over the weekend.

Bruno, the Croatian third division’s top scorer, was 15 minutes into the game when Pozega player smashed the ball into his chest from close range.

The Play continued until the 25-year-old suddenly fell to the ground unconscious.

Realising something was horribly wrong, players from both sides rushed to his aid as those on the touchline called an ambulance.

Emergency workers spent almost an hour trying to aid Boban, after he collapsed on the pitch.

But unfortunately it was too late to do that.

His team-mates and rivals struggled to fight back tears as medics announce the striker dead at the scene.

The cause of Boban death has not yet been announced.

The player and doctors are still looking forward to know what actually lead him to death.
The video of his collapse is been posted everywhere and uploaded on YouTube for watch.

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