Friday, March 2

Crocodile was killed and human part was found inside the stomach

A crocodile eat up human being who left his house in hunt of food for the family.

According to, human leg and arm have been found inside the belly of a huge crocodile suspected of mauling a man to death in Borneo, Indonesian police said.

Authorities shot and killed the 20-foot-long crocodile close to a riverbank where a local palm oil plantation worker had gone missing two days earlier, with only his motorbike and sandals found at the site, they said.

The stop search on Thursday when 36-year-old Andi Aso Erang's lifeless body - missing two limbs - was discovered floating in a different part of the river in Kalimantan, the Indonesian part of Borneo.

Police said they saw a crocodile nearby and they killed it.

'Inside the crocodile's stomach, they found human left arm and a leg which they believe it may belonged to the victim,' local police chief Teddy Ristiawan said this to they people.

The victim's wife who is identified as Ansia said the man left home to hunt for clams they could eat.

She never expected things to end up in a terrible situation like this
, who like many Indonesians goes by one name.

Earlier before news was spreading everywhere how crocodile kill someone In 2016, a Russian tourist was killed by a crocodile in the Raja Ampat islands, a popular diving site in the east of the archipelago.

Human-animal conflicts are rampant in Indonesia, especially in areas where the clearing of rainforest to make way for palm oil plantations is destroying animals' habitats and bringing them into closer contact with humans.

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