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31 years old man beg for hanging in the court instead of sentence to prison.

Member Of Satanic Cult Sentenced To 72 Years In Prison Begs To Be Hanged To Death Instead of sentence to prison.
Nigerian update news paper said the man behavior look like beast when doing all the evil art.
The man confess that the mission is not complete from court of evil.

A man sentenced to 72years in prison has requested to be hanged instead because he was unable to exorcise the evil spirit that led him into committing the crimes.

court has sentenced a man into prison for effective raping, a 31-year-old victim known as rapist sentence to 72 years in prison.

According to Herald newspaper from Nigeriaupdatenewspaper,said the Zimbabwean regional magistrate, Dambudzo Malunga, has sentenced a rapist identify as Charles Magombedze from Chikova Village in Masvingo Province to be in prison for 78 years , but conditionally suspended six years.

Magombedze who was convicted on eight counts of rape on his own plea of guilty, break the court down with amazing surprised with shocked when man requested the hangman’s noose, saying he was unable to exorcise the evil spirit that led him into committing the crimes if left alive.

On his initial appearance in court on Tuesday, Magombedze said he was a member of a Satanic Cult whose goal was to spill blood and to have unprotected intercourse to breed another Satanic generation.

Magombedze acknowledged guilty to eight counts of r*pe and pleaded with the courts to hand him a death sentence.

Zimbabwe’s constitution may only permit the death penalty to be imposed on a person convicted of murder committed in aggravating circumstances.

Malunga said Magombedze deserved severe punishment because he had behaved like a beast by committing the offences.

Armed with dangerous weapons such as iron bars, axes and machetes, Magombedze molested more than 10 victims, including a 14-year-old girl and a police constabulary’s wife.

Magombedze also faces attempted murder charges after he allegedly stabbed a woman five times in an attempt to r*pe her and other charges related to unlawful entry and theft.

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