Peter Okoye son celebrate birthday

The parents are super happy since the have
been gushing about him on social media.
His father, Peter Okoye who called him C Ronaldo the heir to the throne.
Expects that he takes the entertainment
business further than him.

The Cameron's mother, Lola Okoye put up an
emotional message on her Instagram page;
On the birthday.
_"My dearest Cameron, one of the most
precious moments of my life was when I gave
birth to you. My first born son! Gosh what a
day that was. SEPT 23RD 2008! What a
journey. There was no instruction book or
manual on how to be a good mother, all I
knew was that I loved you long before I met
you. Today you are 9 years old.
Gosh how time flies. My wish for you is that
life becomes all that you want it to be. May
your dreams stay big and your worries stay
small. May you always be blessed and
protected by God Almighty. May God our
Father guide you always. I love you so much.
You are so kind, so giving and so caring. You
treat all your friends equally and with respect
and I admire that about you. You are a great
brother to your sister. I watch how u care for
her and how gentle you are with her and I
literally tear up with joy. I wish you long life,
good health and happiness my precious son.
Your daddy and I are super proud of you. I
love you, I love you, I love you! Happy
Birthday Cameron!!! ❤❤#mamasboy
#cameronokoye #mrintelligent #sept
#mysoccerstar #alionasbrother #bestson
#mylove #blessed #godspet #okoye #son
#brother #cousin #heartofgold #kind #sweet
#ca ring #mylove @peterpsquare"_
The parents were both happy for their sons birthday.

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