Federal Government to hold Sen. Enyinnaya aya Abaribe

The move by the Federal Government to hold Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe and others responsible for the disappearance of Nnamdi Kanu, leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), may hit a brickwall as legal opinions outside government circles do not seem to
support such a plan.
A source conversant with the matter told our correspondent that the preponderance of legal opinions showed that it was the Chief of Army Staff, Lt. Gen. T.Y. Buratai, and the Commanders of Operation Python Dance (2) that should be held responsible for Kanu’s
disappearance and not anyone else.
According to our source, the Federal Government and its military would have themselves to blame if Kanu remains
incommunicado, by October 17, 2017, the
date he is expected to appear in court to
answer to the charges pending against
“The idea of holding sureties responsible
for the disappearance of Nnamdi Kanu is
not only ridiculous but laughable. It is
true that some personalities signed the
bail bond that led to his release from
It is also true that Kanu may have
violated some of his bail conditions, but
that should have been left to the court to
decide and then mete the necessary
sanctions on him.
“The bail bond was the outcome of a
judicial process and therefore, a legal
instrument of a court of competent
It is obvious that the court did not
envisage that the Federal Government, a
party in the dispute, will, at some point,
take the laws into its own hands and act
in the manner it has done.
“Why did the Federal Government decide
to resort to self help by invading the
residence of Kanu with armoured tanks?
It is more or less jungle justice to invade
the home of an unarmed Nigerian
citizen, shooting sporadically at the
building and causing unquantifiable
collateral damages.
As it is today, neither Kanu’s lawyers
nor the sureties have seen Kanu since
the military invasion of his home.
“It is only the Federal Government and
the military that can tell the world why
they prempted the court and decided to
take the laws into their on hands. It is
because they either wanted to arrest
Kanu and detain him ahead of his date
in court, or they wanted to kill him using
jungle justice. Either way, they cannot
eat their cake and have it.
The onus lies on them to produce Kanu
when the need arises because they have
willfully sidelined the due process of
court in their desperation to achieve
political goals.
They can’t eat their cake and still have
it,” the source said. Although Abaribe
could not be reached on his mobile
phone for reactions to the development,
his Special Assistant on Media Affairs,
Mr. Uche Awom, told Sunday Telegraph
that his principal and others who stood
surety for Kanu did so in good faith and
as law abiding citizens of Nigeria.
According to Awom, there was no cause
for alarm as the sureties had kept their
own side of the bargain before the
military threw spanners in the works.

Source:- Newtelegraphonline

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