School try generate more Network to students

The Director-General, Nigerian Meteorological Agency
(NiMet), Prof. Sani Mashi says the agency is
partnering with some institutions to increase the
quantity of its network of stations across the country.

Mashi disclosed this in an interview in Abuja.
He said many privately owned stations established by
universities were designed to generate data only for
their students and researchers.
“In most cases, those kinds of stations have
challenges, especially issues related to calibration to
ensure that the equipment is actually functional the
way it is supposed to function.
“Calibration is a business of the meteorological
service agency.
“For you to be able to calibrate, you must have some
infrastructure on ground and somebody must certify
“Part of our mandate is to promote the business of
meteorology in the country.
“Which means if anybody has a private meteorological
station; it is our concern to ensure that the owner of
that station is actually doing the right thing and has
the right type of equipment.’’
Mashi said that NiMet would identify such private
stations in the country and give them the needed
support to be able to function effectively.
According to him, the agency’s strategy is to expand
the network and increase the quantity of its stations
by entering into MoU with such institutions.
He also said that the MoU was to ensure that such
stations were upgraded and adopted as national
stations to increase the agency’s network and
national data base.
“If we enter into MOU with them, it means those
stations can be adopted as additional national
stations so that they can help to add into the
“It is like a win-win situation; as the agency, we are
winning and owners of those stations are also
winning because their stations are being upgraded.
“We are upgrading their capacity to be able to man
those stations effectively.
“We have already started with University of Abuja,
Ahmadu Bello University and other universities,
polytechnics and colleges of Education.
“We are hoping that before the end of the year, (we
will have) at least 100 of them (such stations) in the
“Any station we are upgrading, (we will) bring them
on our network. As soon as that is done, whatever is
going on at those stations will be made available to
“NiMet will harness and then make the information
available to Nigeria.’’
Mashi disclosed that NiMet was currently leveraging
on meteorological satellites to complement the
inadequate number of available weather stations
across the country.
According to him, NiMet has adequate satellite
coverage all over the country even though it has only
a few stations on the ground.
“So with the little ground observations we have been
making, we have been linking up with the satellite
observations to develop more data.
“As soon as we have satellite observations, we can
say a word or two about ground condition of the
weather at that particular time.
“Through that way, we are able to give observation
about any particular part of the country,’’ he said.

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