A man beaten to death for Raping his brother children in the Bush

A man has been dealth with severely punishment after
he was caught r*ping his brother's daughters.
A randy man identified as John has been severely beaten after he was exposed for allegedly r*ping his brother’s daughter.

According to Idoma Voice, the man who lives at Otiya B in Otukpo was on the 12th of August, 2017,
caught by a vigilante group at Igbanonmaje, Otukpo after allegedly r*ping 3 of his elder brother’s children.

The accused who happens to be the uncle of the little girls usually go with the girls to the bush where he claims he wants them to assist him in fetching fire wood for their mother and then takes advantage of raping them.
However, things changed after the mother of the girls,
who is also a nurse noticed changes in her children as she examined them to know what has happened to them after which the girls revealed what their uncle has been doing to them.

The family of the accused according to the local community security, said that they just want him to be thoroughly flogged and then sent back to his village in Ado local government area of Benue state.

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