International Crises Group releases scary predictions about Nigeria

The ICG has urged the EU to look into Nigeria's
growing tension
It warned that attempt to evict the Igbos may
lead to crises
It called for transparency on the issue of
Buhari's health for the sake of accountability

A group, International Crisis Group, (ICG) has
called on the European Union (EU) to step in
to address some of Nigeria’s lingering issues
in order to forestall serious danger and
Naij & Premium Times reports that the group in its
report published on Thursday, July 20 called
on the EU to step in as Nigeria was tottering
on the brink of serious disaster especially
over the issue of President Muhammadu
Buhari’s health and the threat of secession

The ICG said: _“For the European Union, EU,
which is already largely engaged in the Niger
Delta and the North East, this means that it
should also watch closely political, social and
security developments in other regions in
Nigeria, and work with other international
actors to push for much-needed reforms that
will address these challenges.”_

_“Some of Buhari’s Northern and Muslim
loyalists are ill-disposed toward Osinbajo,
from the South West and Christian.”_

_To address the growing tension, the group:
Encourage transparency about the president’s
health as a matter of public accountability to
dispel rumors of a Northern conspiracy to
keep him in power even if incapacitated;
Send strong private or public messages to both_
_military and regional political leaders, against
unconstitutional actions, particularly military
intervention and;
Press all parties to abide by constitutional
provisions, particularly to achieve a smooth
transition if Buhari is unable to continue in
The group also addressed the issue of quit
notice issued to Igbos warning that any
attempt to forcefully eject them may lead to
serious crises especially from militants from
the Niger Delta region._

_“Attacks against Igbos or other southerners in
the north might lead some delta militants to
target oil companies, either to pressure the
federal and northern state governments to
stop anti-Igbo violence, or to cover criminal

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